Monday, March 16, 2009

Make Cheese, Not War

OK so I've been on a bit of a hiatus recently due to Midterms followed by a Spring Break trip. This has unfortunately resulted in gross neglect with regards to writing and posting articles here. This doesn't mean that I've forgotten about the site, bla bla bla etc. A few new developments, though. I will soon be writing a weekly column on food and sustainability - mostly with regards to the St. Louis metro area - for a new publication called What's Up Magazine. What's Up is a print and online publication that supports the areas homeless through advocacy and activism. I will be posting my articles and links to them as they appear on the magazine's website and will be also continue to contribute to this website.

While I have sat on an article on an "new" pizza joint The Good Pie (photos and interview pending), I wanted to briefly bring attention to something rather awesome that I have been meaning to post:

Clearly Merryl Winstein is a well known cult figure in St. Louis but I thought it prudent to highlight her as an example of urban (or in this case suburban) agriculture. Ms. Winstein sells her milk and eggs to a small number of local customers and is willing to share her expertise and knowledge with individuals who would like to raise their own goats and chickens. As Community Supported Agriculture takes root, in light of the current economic situation, we can expect an ever larger number of individuals to turn to some forms of self-subsistence agriculture in order to mitigate living expenses and to also augment salaries.

Ms. Winstein will be teaching a class on cheese-making this Sunday, March 22 at her home.

Further information can be found on her page at the Local Harvest:

If I do find the time to attend, I'll post pictures and provide any other additional info!

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