Wednesday, November 12, 2008

You can take the corn out of the cow but you can't take the corn out of the bourbon

I read an interesting article today about the dependence of fast food on corn and corn subsedies. As I don't have time to write anything of substance today, check it out:

While corn-dependence is pretty obvious, after all it's the US's #1 crop, I can't quite tell how much of this is fear-mongering. Of course, we can all do our part by refusing to purchase products that rely largely on corn (such as products sweetened with high fructose corn syrup and factory-farm raised meat). As far as meat is concerned, I could understand supplementing my cows' or chickens' diets with some corn-based feed since it helps them fatten up; however, a diet that is suited to the animal's physiognomy should always take precedent.

Oh, except in the case of foie gras. I think i can look the other way from time to time.

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