Sunday, October 19, 2008

The Great Saint Louis Donut Hunt

Before I start I begin my long awaited grand donut review, I will need to address what many of you may notice as the difference in spelling between donut and doughnut. According to the Oxford English Dictionary both are valid spellings although doughnut appears to be the "correct" or high-brow spelling for this delicious treat. And while the Greater St. Louis Yellow pages directs you to "doughnut" I prefer to use the americanized spelling. St. Louis ain't no highbrow place and we don't need any of those fancy ough words to prove how good our tasty cakes are.

Donuts were introduced to the Americas by the Dutch in the 17th century, specifically to what is now New York. These deep-fried dough cakes were called olykoeks (literally oil (olie) and cake (koek)).

Knowing where to start in this hunt was not too difficult as many donut palaces, drive-ins, and stops seem to be ubiquitous and the lull of the hot, sweet, fresh, and greasy delicacy is why I am here. The yellow pages list 26 independently owned establishments that each purvey their own deep-fried bites of heaven... or hell. I have selected 8 stores, mostly by name and proximity, in order to provide you with a guide the next time you're ready for a caloric breakfast splurge.

Below is a map of the donut establishments that have been put under our closest scrutiny:
(click on the pushpins to see the names and addresses of the donut shops).

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